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Ghosts Have Nothing to do with Voice Over

That's a fact. Regardless, I'm talking about ghosts here. It's October and I'm gonna do what I love, and what I love is spouting nonsense about ghosts. (This statement is going to go really poorly for me in the future.)

Now I want to get this off my chest. When I was growing up I had multiple run-ins with ghosts. There was one that on the right day it would walk down the hall towards my brother's room and disappear, just a typical white gown sort of ghost. Another would sit in my room on rare occasions. I'm sure I saw a ghost literally this weekend!

You see I work at a haunt during the Octoberween season and this specific haunt happens to be in a retrofitted old building that is in one of the most haunted locations in America. I swear there's a ghost right in the hallway near my set, and other actors there were already aware of it. As soon as I said something about it, another actor chimed in with "You mean in the hallway right by the entrance?" I was shocked, and we continued on as a group talking about other encounters that we've experienced while working there.

Now while I completely believe in ghosts due to experience I may not share the same sentiment as a lot of folks who have seen ghosts. Are ghosts the restless spirits of the damned, destined to walk the earth for eternity? I think not. I may not know enough to truly speak on this in detail but consider this. Many haunted locations exist: Gettysburg, Eastern State Penitentiary, Weston State Hospital. There's more obviously but these three represent recurring themes. Many Haunted locations are either a place of a large battle, a prison or a mental asylum that was closed due to misconduct.

Why is this important? Well all three of these instances hold another common theme. Can you guess what that is? Did you guess that a lot of people were killed? Well you would only be half right. You see in addition to a lot of ended lives, there was one other major factor. A massive amount of strife and traumatic events. I don't believe that ghosts are the spirits of people who have died. I believe they are memories of the earth. Which honestly sounds slightly more ridiculous but think about this for a moment.

You've no doubt seen the old science class experiment where you type a number in a calculator, place a magnet next to the screen and clear the screen. When you place the other end of the magnet it sends the number back to the screen. Consider the earth to be that magnet, and this series of horrible occurrences to be the screen. I believe that haunted locations aren't haunted because people died, they're haunted because a massive amount of stressful traumatic events occurred. During those events a huge amount of energy was expended all in a small concentrated area. A haunted location is the Earth's memory of those events, an ethereal representation of things that have already occurred.

I want to mention that I absolutely believe this and I'm not out here trying to convince anyone. I just think it's a pretty interesting thought and wanted to share it. I'm in no way scientifically inclined enough to be certain of any of this stuff. Sure is neat though. Okay, happy Spooktober! Go visit a haunt in the Philadelphia area because it just might be mine! Oingo Boingo, play me out.

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