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Not All Creative Ideas Are Amazing - They Can’t All Be Bangers

We as creatives put a lot of pressure on ourselves. Some of that pressure may seem necessary to us. Some of it is definitely not. Often times we might come up with an idea but never follow through with it, due to thinking that it’s just not that great of an idea. Well here’s the cold hard truth. They can’t all be bangers.

Just because you have an idea that you might not necessarily think is absolute God-tier masterpiece level stuff, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try to make it happen. What’s gonna happen if you make a bad video, or an ugly painting, or you try to go through with a concept and it’s just not that great? Well one of two things can happen. Either you are going to look at this thing and think, “Yeah this is actually pretty okay, maybe I can even post this on my social media.” or you can take a look at this absolute failed attempt that you just produced and say “Okay, it was a neat concept, but it sucks. Here’s what I can do better.” and then address those things on your second attempt or the next time you try to make something like that.

Maybe you make it and you think it’s good enough to post. It’s not a legendary piece of work, but it’s probably valuable to someone. Then you have to think, well who will find this useful or interesting? If you can think of even one person who might find worth in it, then I can guarantee you there are thousands of people who you didn’t imagine. I’d suggest looking into your own friend group or colleagues and thinking about what their problems are, or their interests, or your own. Chances are if you came up with an idea, it’s gonna help someone, it’s probably going to help thousands of people. Stop critiquing the idea so much and just make the dang thing!

If you are ever going to make some absolutely amazing stuff, you have to make the bad stuff first. Nobody is magically the best at something right out of the gate. So you should stop holding yourself to such an impossible standard. If you do make something that you think is not worth showing off, then by all means keep it to yourself, but please look at it and try to figure out what you can do next. There’s no reason for you to stop trying simply on the grounds that you didn’t do as well as you hoped.

I personally have an entire back-catalog of bad videos that were just not well thought out. They all had weird concepts behind them and they never got much attention. Even though they are objectively bad videos and just overall not what I wanted, I learned so much each time I made one. My skills in video editing are owed entirely to a massive pile of garbage I created over the course of several years. There’s stuff out there you gotta really dig for too, I’m not even just talking about the stuff on my main channel. Anyway the point is, if you have an idea that you think might not be so hot and you’re thinking about just letting it sit - just try to make the thing. See what happens. They can’t all be bangers, but sometimes they are.

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