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I recently joined a couple indie game developer forums in an effort to learn more about the industry. I'm largely interested in character work in indie games. My brother is an indie developer and I even have a few games I personally enjoy. Recently however I realized that I don't know much at all about the ins and outs of creating an indie game. All I really knew up to this point was whatever my brother told me about his own game. So joining an indie game community seemed like the right thing to do.

I'm quickly realizing how right I was to join these websites. I am learning so much more about it just in the first week of being involved in the communities. I joined a discord server of indie developers and I'm talking with interesting people about their projects. I'm learning a lot about audio production for games as that is my largest interest but so much more goes into each game. Hearing people's audio design is always an interesting thing to me. The way you can really fill out an area with the right type of sound makes the environment feel real, lived in or just alive.

I feel that being a part of the community on these sites could get me known as "that voice guy" who helped me with whatever. That's probably a good guy to be but the purpose of joining has to be genuine. Don't pop right in just to shill for your work or feign interest in something just for the sake of exposure. People will see right through that nonsense and you will be out before you even begin. I'm seriously getting involved in these communities and you should too. If you are interested in some major part of your field other than simply voiceover, it cant hurt. Go learn about whatever that might be there are websites out there for all kinds of different topics. If you are specifically interested in indie games I would recommend, they cover every topic on there. TIGSource has an active discord community of indie game devs and just cool people sharing their work. Of course there are all kinds on Reddit as well like r/IndieGames which has a very large userbase.

If you have any interest in any smaller facet of your field I would strongly encourage you to find an online community for it and learn as much as you can. It may not get you work right away, or ever, but you will definitely have a great time learning about something you enjoy and meet some cool people along the way.

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